The Miami Heat tied up their series against the Toronto Raptors on Monday with a thrilling 94-87 overtime win, leaving the series to a best-of-three situation that neither team wanted to face. Three of the first four games of the series were decided in overtime, and the thrill of this tightly competitive finals round is taking its toll on Raptors head coach Dwane Casey.

“I’m sleeping like a baby,” Casey jokingly told reporters on Tuesday, after his team let their fourth game against the Heat slip away. “Waking up and crying.”

Both teams have succeeded off powerful, disciplined performances on the defensive end of the court, but both have equally struggled on offense. At this point, the series could have reasonably swung either way, with both teams having equal rights to feel that each loss was their own fault.

Monday night was especially painful for the Raptors, who led by seven with four minutes left in regulation and let the game fall apart in their hands. A combination of poorly-selected shots and unnecessary turnovers led the team to only notch eight more points in the rest of the game, which led to their eventual seven-point loss.

Yet, despite Monday’s experience, they have good chances when they take Game 5 to their own home court on Wednesday. This series has been any man’s game, and that will most likely remain true unless one of these teams finds a way to step up their scoring.

In the meantime, Casey most likely won’t be sleeping easy.

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