Raptors news: CJ McCollum blasts Skip Bayless for criticizing Kawhi Leonard after East Finals win
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CJ McCollum blasts Skip Bayless for criticizing Kawhi Leonard after East Finals win


Everybody is aboard the Kawhi Leonard hype train after he led the Toronto Raptors to their first NBA Finals in franchise history. Well, everybody except well-known San Antonio Spurs fan Skip Bayless.

The Fox Sports analyst did not seem too impressed with Kawhi Leonard’s Game 6 performance, as he absurdly aired out his criticisms on Leonard on Twitter, refusing to give him any props for leading the Raptors to the championship round.

Portland Trail Blazers guard C.J. McCollum, however, was having none of Skip’s antics.

The way Leonard left, and by Skip’s words, “quit” on his beloved Spurs obviously still leaves a lot of salt in his mouth. Since then, Skip never calls Leonard by his name. Instead, he refers to him as “No. 2,” which all the more indicates his bitterness over Kawhi merely uttering the two-time Defensive Player of the Year’s name.

Deep inside, Skip probably misses having Kawhi on his team, especially with the way he is performing in the postseason so far. Of course, the hard-headed FS1 analyst won’t admit to that.

Nevertheless, Leonard deserves all the recognition he is getting right now after leading Toronto to the Finals. The former NBA champion and Finals MVP in 2014 had a rough year with the Spurs last season, playing all but nine games in 2017-18.

Many fans, including Skip of course, soured on Leonard for “quitting” on San Antonio and forcing himself out of the franchise. His play so far in these 2019 playoffs has erased all those narratives as he has once again cemented his name as one of the, if not, the best player in the NBA.

His job, however, as Leonard said himself, is not done. He has a taller task at hand of trying to bring the Larry O’Brien to Canada.