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Danny Green knows every player wants ‘perfect’ chemistry, but says it will take time

Danny Green, Raptors

Toronto Raptors Danny Green will be adapting to a new team for the first time since his rookie season after being drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers and consequently landing with the San Antonio Spurs. Following this summer’s trade that landed him and Kawhi Leonard in The Great North, Green knows building chemistry will be a matter of work of time and patience, despite how badly everyone wants it to work.

“Nobody’s gonna be perfect, nobody’s gonna be ready,” said Danny Green, according to Laura Armstrong of The Toronto Star. “But you want it to build up throughout the games, throughout the practices.”

“I think most teams kind of gauge where they are about 20 to 30 games… and that’s kind of where guys should feel more comfortable consistently and kind of gel.”

Chemistry will test players’ willingness to bounce back from losses, go through tough stretches, as well as reel in the good vibes for long winning streaks, something Fred Van Vleet has experienced during his first few seasons with the team.

“It’s all good when it’s all good, and then when stuff, you know, hits the fan and things get rough or get rocky — you drop a couple (of games) or things aren’t going your way or guys have slumps, whatever else the case is — that’s when your chemistry is tested, your integrity as a player, as a teammate is tested,” said VanVleet. “Those hard times are what makes the bond, right? You can have the most dysfunctional team in the world and, if you’re winning, you wouldn’t know.”

The Raptors will have to get used to playing with a new star player and new support role players during this 2018-19 season. The head coach change is likely to have a lesser impact due to their familiarity with former assistant Nick Nurse, who was promoted to head coach after Masai Ujiri’s firing this summer.