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Raptors’ Kawhi Leonard wants to prove he can play in any era by not complaining about fouls

kawhi leonard

It’s already an established fact that NBA players complain about every whistle blown against them. Rather than ride the tide, Kawhi Leonard of the Toronto Raptors opts to play on after a bad call.

Per Mike Ganter of the Toronto Sun, the 27-year-old defensive stalwart wants to prove that he can play in every era by not complaining about fouls.

“Some of my drives or coming off pick and rolls or even just going to the basket there’s a lot of hand grabs and bodying which the rules say you ain’t supposed to do this year. But I take pride in just trying to think I can play in any era so I’m just going out playing.”

His comments come in after their 95-86 loss against the Denver Nuggets on Sunday. Kawhi Leonard, one of the best offensive players in the league, just had four trips to the free throw line and drained every single one of them. And for the season, he takes 6.9 trips to the free-throw line per game, so it was either Leonard wasn’t aggressive enough or he was just not getting the calls.

But based on his comments, Kawhi Leonard feels clobbered but hears no whistle. And when this happens, the usual response for elite players like the Raptors star is to go at the referees and tell them to open their eyes.

But Leonard isn’t just any other elite player in the NBA. For him, basketball is a matter of pride. He wants to prove that he can play in today’s “soft” league, or in the era where there was no foul called unless blood dripped from the players’ flesh.