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Raptors’ Pascal Siakam confident that basketball rust isn’t going to be an issue


One major concern for NBA athletes as we near the scheduled restart date is making sure they get back into proper game shape. Rust and overly-relaxed muscles are a couple of factors that might affect some players’ performances on the hardwood. Toronto Raptors All-Star big man Pascal Siakam isn’t worried about any of that though.

Even if some players might have basketball hoops set up at home, the level of intensity is a whole different animal when it comes to live game action.

But for Siakam, it’s not really as concerning as we might think. The Cameroonian star shared his thoughts during an interview with the Toronto Sun.

“I think for me, obviously after sitting around for a long time not being able to shoot the basketball or play basketball, it’s just being able to get out there on the floor, just run a little bit, make sure I get my shots up, work on things I’m going to see in the game,” Siakam said of his approach to the time he’s getting in the gym right now. “Pick and rolls to different actions that we run throughout our offence and just variations on ways to score. The more actions that I can have, the more options and different ways I can have to score, the better for me and my team.”

Siakam has constantly been working out in the Raptors’ pre-training camp facility. He’s clearly revved up to get back to playing for his defending champion Toronto Raptors.

“So it’s part of the journey and at the end of the day I don’t see it as being difficult, I just see it as being the process of a player working to be the best that he can,” Siakam said. “So that’s part of the journey and I accept it with all of the good and the bad.”

Pascal’s taking the hits as they come. Toronto fans will certainly hope that the fruits of his labor are ready for harvest come playoff time.