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Video: Raptors guard Kyle Lowry trolls Serge Ibaka in practice

kyle lowry, serge ibaka, Raptors

The Toronto RaptorsKyle Lowry and Serge Ibaka had a funny moment in their team’s practice facility.

In the video below, it can be seen that Lowry trolled his Congolese teammate, who then threw the ball towards him.

This wasn’t the first time the duo had a hilarious moment. Back in April, at a post-game conference, Kyle Lowry poked fun at Serge Ibaka’s outfit. He even hyped his 6-foot-10 teammate as he entered to answer the media’s questions.

In that game, however, Ibaka was the Raptors’ leading scorer with 23 points. He added 12 rebounds as well to enable his team to take the first game of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals against the Washington Wizards.

They may be joking around off the court, but they play seriously when their team needs it. The Raptors are currently the best team in the NBA right now with a 20-5 record, and it’s becoming clear that the duo’s effective chemistry is paying off.

The 29-year-old center was originally drafted by the now-defunct Seattle Supersonics who then became known as the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2009. But after spending his first seven seasons there, he jumped over to Orlando in 2016. His stint there wouldn’t last long as he was traded to the Raptors in February of 2017.

Serge Ibaka is the team’s second-leading scorer this season with an average of 16.4 points per game. Kyle Lowry, on the other hand, averages 15 points per game.