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Ravens LB Terrell Suggs prepping for life after Baltimore

Terrell Suggs

Everyone would like their favorite National Football League player to retire with their favorite team. Sometimes, as is the case with Baltimore Ravens talent Terrell Suggs, that player would also like that to happen.

Unfortunately, more often than not, that’s just not how it works. The NFL is a business, the players are a commodity, and when a player’s usefulness is no longer applicable to the franchise he players for, he gets sent packing.

This is not lost on Terrell Suggs.

“I would really love to be in one place my whole career. Not many players can say they did that,” Suggs said, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN. “But I also understand this is a business and that might not happen. I’m pretty much making my peace with it now. I’m preparing myself for it just in case. What will be, will be.”

Suggs, now 35, probably doesn’t have a lot of football left in his career. Given his quotes, it doesn’t seem like he’s ready to retire. Guys don’t mention the idea of leaving a franchise if they plan on hanging it up.

The linebacker was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens all the way back in 2003. He’s played his entire career for the franchise and done so remarkably. A six-time Pro Bowl selection, with a Super Bowl ring, he will have an argument to make the Hall of Fame whenever he does decide to retire.

Here is to hoping, if it is what both parties want, Suggs gets to finish out his career in Baltimore.