The voice actress for Ada Wong in the recent Resident Evil 4 (RE4) Remake, Lily Gao, was harassed by “fans” of the game who were unhappy with her performance.

The Resident Evil 4 Remake is one of the most anticipated games to come out this year, and for good reason. A lot of critics seem to agree that a remake of one of the best video games of all time is as good, if not even better, than the original. However, with the remake comes various changes, ranging from gameplay to story, and even in voice casting. Every character in the game, including Ada Wong, had an updated voice actress. This is where it began.

After the game came out, quite a lot of fans were disappointed with Lily Gao's performance. People commented that her performance was the worst they have heard in years, with some comparing her to the previous voice actresses. The common comment was that she sounded “disinterested”, “monotone” or “stiff”. One person said that her voice didn't sound “seductive”, while another said they would mute the game once Separate Ways comes out. What's worse is that people didn't just post this on their Twitter accounts. they instead decided to say all of this in the comments on Gao's Instagram profile.

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Following the harassment she received from countless fans, Gao has since then deleted her Instagram posts, leaving her profile empty except for one image. It was a photo containing a short statement titled “The Role of Privilege”, which was taken from the National Association of School Psychologist's “Understanding Race and Privilege.” It reads as such:

For many members of the majority culture (i.e., those who identify as White) in the United States, being made aware of one's classification as linked to privilege is likely not a common or welcomed experience. Indeed, many people have never been asked or required to reflect on their own privileged status, and in regards to racial identity, doing so might feel uncomfortable or even discordant with the common narrative regarding social and political changes over the years. For example, White Americans may attach the concepts of progress toward equality or being “color blind” as mitigating privilege. As a result, many White Americans either may not be aware of or may avoid considering how simply being White confers special status or experiences, potentially to the detriment of others. While many Americans may not view themselves as privileged because of their economic or social status, the advantage of being in the majority racial group is real, even if often hidden.

Thankfully, while there have been a lot of negative comments about her performance, there have also been a lot of voices supporting her performance. Some people praised her performance for adding more depth to a previously 2-dimensional character, while some said that it's okay to not like a performance, as long as they don't harass them over it. During a stream hosted by Nick Apostolides, Leon S Kennedy's voice actor, Gao voiced her appreciation for all of the fans of the game, as well as those who showed their support for her in these trying times.

That's all the information we have about how RE4 Ada Wong's voice actress Lily Gao was harassed by
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