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Redskins QB Colt McCoy’s experience has been standing out in training camp

Redskins news: Colt McCoy's experience has been standing out in training camp

The Washington Redskins have one of the most intriguing training camp battles in the NFL. That battle would be for the starting quarterback spot, and it’s between three players.

There’s the rookie in Dwayne Haskins, and then the two veterans in Colt McCoy and Case Keenum. All three of them have different strengths they can bring to the position.

According to Redskins reporter Paul Conner, McCoy’s experience is standing out (h/t 247Sports):

“Colt McCoy knows the offense the best and it has shown. Six years of experience in Jay Gruden’s system will do that. McCoy has been reading his keys, shown patience in the pocket and has let routes develop to allow more chunk plays down the field. His experience has also led him to take more risks than the other two quarterbacks. McCoy was shining before coaches gave him a rest day.”

Now, McCoy (32) is only one year older than Keenum (31). However, McCoy trumps Kennum in multiple categories. McCoy is a 10-year veteran, while Keenum is just a seven-year vet. Keenum has appeared in more games (57 compared to 38), but perhaps most importantly, he has never played for the Redskins before.

Meanwhile, McCoy is entering his fifth year on the Washington roster.

With that in mind, McCoy is the only healthy quarterback on the roster who has experience with the team. He knows the offense well and is familiar with a lot of the players around him.

This experience is great, but it definitely hasn’t won McCoy any starting job yet. For now, the Washington Redskins still have a three-man battle for the starting quarterback role. Colt McCoy is up against stiff competition in Dwayne Haskins and Case Keenum.