Redskins news: Pressure on Daniel Snyder to change name mounting
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Pressure on Redskins’ Daniel Snyder to change team name mounting


The Washington Redskins are once again in the public crosshairs. Team owner Daniel Snyder is dealing with heavily mounting pressure to change the team name.

This issue has been ongoing for a long time. Every few years, it seems to pick up a lot of steam though. Then it dies down without much of an instance.

This time around, things seem different however. With everything going on, the pressure likely is not going to go away.

And that pressure is coming from everywhere. That includes sponsors and the NFL itself. According to Mike Freeman of Sportico on Twitter, Snyder is kind of backed into a corner.

So, Snyder could be seen as a “pariah”. That’s going to hurt the team when it comes to a lot of different things. This could mean they struggle to get sponsors, create good relationships and attract free agents.

This is the closest we’ve ever been to actually seeing the name change. At this point, it almost seems like it’s guaranteed.

So this is definitely something to keep an eye on. Snyder is feeling pressure. And that’s the same owner that seemed so staunchly against a name change not long ago. Now it looks like he’s ready to concede.

For a while, it seemed like this might be going in the same route of every other uprising against the name.

This time though, the corporate sponsors got involved. It’s naive not to think that is playing a big part in all of this.

Money talks, and both the NFL and Snyder are going to want to do what’s best for business. And that seems to be a name change.