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Nike removes all signs of Washington from its website

Washington Redskins, Nike

Momentum has been building for a while now for the Washington Redskins to change their name. Nothing’s happened yet over the years despite the pleas of different public voices. But we might see some action from the Washington side now that their finances might take a hit. Add Nike to the list of those in favor of a name change.

Nike has reportedly removed any and all merchandise bearing the Redskins’ name or logo from their official website. But going even further, if you check their drop down menu to click on specific teams whose merch you might want to cop, Washington is nowhere to be found.

Unless there’s a massive lack of stock in DC football merchandise, Nike has seemed to go the way of FedEx in that they will no longer be accepting of the racially-charged name.

FedEx, a major sponsor for the Washington Redskins, recently issued a statement saying that pressure from their investors caused them to urge the club to reconsider their name.

“We have communicated to the team in Washington our request that they change the team name,” FedEx told CNN Business in a statement.

While Nike has yet to come up with a formal statement of their own, it seems pretty clear what the issue is. Their actions of omission show that they too will no longer stand for the name.

This isn’t the first time Nike has shown their disdain for the moniker. Last year, Nike didn’t include the Washington name for its annual Salute to Service collection.

But this latest hubbub sends a much stronger message.