Kevin Durant is the top free agent this offseason, and both the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers – among other teams – are going after him. But these teams are also looking at another free agent: Hassan Whiteside.

While Whiteside and Durant may both stay with their respective Heat and Thunder teams, it's hard not to at least consider joining one of the two most storied franchises in NBA history if they're interested. Durant likely won't go to LA, although his agent has met with the Celtics.

According Basketball Insider's Steve Kyler, Whiteside will soon be courted by both teams:

“There is a sense that Whiteside is one of the top names on the Lakers’ wish list of free agents, with the Celtics also interested.”

Wherever Whiteside lands, it seems he'll be taking in quite the haul, despite earlier reports that the Heat wanted him to sign for less:

“League sources said this weekend that Whiteside is getting a full max deal – the question is will it be from the Heat or someone else?”

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