Peter Fabiano, the long-time producer of the Resident Evil franchise, leaves Capcom after 13 years of service. Fabiano produced some of the series' most successful games, including the and remakes, as well as and Village. As for Resident Evil 7, he performed the character Peter Walken, one of the three guys murdered by Mia Winters at the start of the game. He also represented Resident Evil 7 during GDC 2017, alongside developer Kōshi Nakanishi.

Apart from being Capcom's producer for Resident Evil, Fabiano also founded Global Production at Capcom, Japan. His role has been big for the company, and his departure will surely have a huge impact. We hope that this won't affect the quality of future Resident Evil games, especially the one that follows up directly on Village.

As for Fabiano's next role, he will be heading to Bungie, developers of Destiny 2. He talks about his new job in a tweet:

“Eyes up guardian” is an obvious reference to the Destiny franchise. He'll become Bungie's Production Department Manager, as per PCGamer. Meanwhile, the Japanese text translates roughly to “Thank you! I look forward to working with you as a fan,” revealing that Fabiano is leaving Capcom amicably and that he still loves the Resident Evil franchise.

Recently, Destiny 2 experienced an interesting bug where players were able to play cross-platform multiplayer. This feature went live unintentionally, accidentally finding its way to the live build when Bungie deployed Season of Splicer. But instead of taking down the multiplayer servers, Bungie instead used the opportunity to gain feedback from players, allowing them to continue using the feature for a limited time.