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Rex Ryan discusses the failures of Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith

Former New York Jets and Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan is still transitioning into life as a football personality. He has potential as a talent, but there remains some much needed tinkering. He can probably start by not being bluntly honest when talking about Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith.

In what some people will consider candor, Rex Ryan was probably a little too honest about two gunslingers still trying to make a living in the NFL.

“With Sanchez, I knew he wasn’t going to be a franchise quarterback, but I thought he’d be good enough to win with,” Ryan said, via ESPN. “The guys coming out in this year’s class have a much higher rating than Mark had — and Mark was OK.”

That is not too bad. It does make one wonder why Ryan would get a tattoo of Mark Sanchez, though.

Some of the prolonged issues Sanchez had, however, were not lost on the former Jets coach.

“With Sanchez, we just couldn’t have it anymore,” Ryan said. “The boneheaded interceptions, especially in the red zone, it was mind boggling. Unfortunately, Mark never really got better. I think that was the disappointing thing to me.”

As for Geno Smith, Ryan claims a shared responsibility for his failure:

“I don’t think we helped Geno by any stretch of the imagination,” Ryan said. “We never added anything that could help him. And he didn’t help himself, either. It was that combination.”

This all culminates with Ryan figuratively taking a dump over the current QB situation in New York.

“He (Josh McCown) knows he’s not the long-range answer,” Ryan said, adding: “None of those guys are, certainly not (Christian) Hackenberg.”

I have to admit, while I prefer my coaches to be honest, and Ryan is no longer technically a coach, it does (somewhat) bother me that he’s talking about his former players who are still in the league. It hurts their earning potential. Then again, so does there play.