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Richard Jefferson fires back at Kyrie Irving for ‘clickbait society’ remark against media

Kyrie Irving Richard Jefferson Nets

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving may not be playing in the NBA Finals, but he sure has garnered a lot of attention recently. He has found himself in the middle of a media firestorm after his controversial comments on the first episode of teammate Kevin Durant’s new podcast.

The flamboyant point guard said the media peddles false narratives and fosters a “clickbait society” that’s why NBA players are not always seen in a good light.

“Come one y’all, don’t listen to the false narratives. Let people live their lives. It’s just a game. Talk about the art. Talk about the sport. You talk openly. You talk freely. But, because we live in a clickbait society it becomes something bigger.”

ESPN analyst Richard Jefferson, however, fired back at Irving on The Jump on Friday, turning the tables on the six-time All-Star.

“The issue with this is, you went on Kevin Durant’s podcast, and you were saying these things. So we in the media are not creating the clickbait. You and Kevin Durant are creating the clickbait.”

Jefferson and Irving were former teammates with the Cleveland Cavaliers and won an NBA championship together.

Kyrie Irving delivered his pointed remarks at the media after he received backlash because of his comments about taking the last shot. He felt the media singled that out and viewed it as throwing shade at LeBron James.

The 40-year-old Jefferson, who also has a popular podcast of his own, talked about the importance of making guests feel comfortable before they go on air.

“A lot of times you protect guests. But he can’t say that this is just clickbait when he’s creating the content that is allowing for the clickbait, and then coming on with ‘Oh, you guys are just in it for the clickbait.'”