The Indiana Pacers continued their magical run in the NBA In-Season Tournament after stunning the Milwaukee Bucks 128-119 in Las Vegas on Thursday night. Pacers guard Tyrese Haliburton had another stellar game, racking up 27 points, 7 rebounds, and 15 assists in the win. After the game, Indiana coach Rick Carlisle talked about Haliburton and the rest of the team:

“Tyrese is one of those transcendent players that, with him on the court, anything is possible. We’re a disruptor. A lot of people didn’t want us here. We don’t care about that. We earned our way here, we earned our way to three additional national TV games, so people are gonna find out about the Pacers and who we are and how we play. We’re just looking to get better, we’re just looking to get better. We have a goal, we have a dream as an organization to be an NBA Championship organization.”

Haliburton was fired up on the ESPN broadcast after the game.

“Not mine, it's ours. It's ours for the taking,” said Haliburton. “We're not supposed to be here, expectations aren't there. We just keep shocking the world. So we gotta watch the game tonight, be ready for who's next.”

Carlisle was a big believer in the Pacers' bench, as well. The reserve unit scored 43 points in the win.

“Our bench really was the difference in today's game,” said Carlisle, specifically praising backup guard TJ McConnell for his performance.

TJ McConnell has long been a source of energy for the Pacers' bench unit, consistently getting in passing lanes and frustrating opposing players on defense while filling in the (relatively few) holes that exist in Indiana's offensive attack.

The Pacers advance to take on the winner of the Los Angeles Lakers and New Orleans Pelicans game.