With the new season about to start, one question that remains is which team will be able to give the Golden State Warriors all they can handle, and even dethrone them on top of the NBA mountain. Many consider the likes of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets as serious contenders for the title, and it's very interesting to find out if which among them will live up to expectations.

However, according to ESPN's BPI, they gave the Rockets the best chance of beating the Dubs in a seven-game series at 20 percent. Taking into consideration their points per game, pace of play, site, travel distance, day's rest and altitude, the prediction falls in their favor.

The sports TV channel's Basketball Power Index is defined as the “measure of team strength that is meant to be the best predictor of performance going forward.” Other professional and college sports rankings are also being measured using it, and have often times been accurate in the past.

Now with Chris Paul and other key pieces added to their fold, the Rockets have surrounded James Harden with more talent and complimentary players for this season. If they can all quickly adjust to the system of head coach Mike D'Antoni, as well as co-exist on the floor, they could prove ESPN's prediction true, and also be a very difficult team to beat, capable of toppling the heavily-favored Warriors team as well.