The Houston RocketsCarmelo Anthony saga continues with the forward’s future in H-Town still up in the air. Many believe that Anthony is on the verge of getting released by the Rockets, which would be a humiliating exit from the team by the 10-time All-Star.

This has put Anthony in an extremely bad light. A potentially premature departure from the Rockets would add to his image as a former star who simply couldn’t fit in anymore with any team that hires him.

Nevertheless, Anthony has found an ally in the form of Philadelphia 76ers legend and his former teammate Allen Iverson. In a Twitter post, Iverson offered his support for the seemingly embattled Rockets forward.

Iverson and Anthony were teammates for three seasons back when the two were still with the Denver Nuggets, so AI knows Anthony from both a personal and professional standpoint. Also, Iverson can partly relate to what Anthony is going through. After all, he was often painted in a negative manner back in his days in the NBA.

The Rockets struggled right out of the gate this season, as they went 1-5 through their first six games. Unfair or not, many think that Anthony is largely to blame for Houston’s anemic performance. But if the Rockets cut Anthony, they should start winning a bunch of games if they want to continue the narrative that it’s Melo, who weighed them down the most.