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Jalen Green reveals his true feelings about the John Wall trade saga with Rockets

Rockets, Jalen Green, John Wall

Much has been made about John Wall’s current situation with the Houston Rockets. It now appears that the former All-Star has taken a U-turn and is now willing to suit up for the Rockets. The alternative is pretty bad, with Wall looking at the prospect of sitting out the entire campaign. Be that as it may, it is clear that both the Rockets and Wall’s camp are still trying to find a way to get the 31-year-old out of Houston.

Rockets rookie Jalen Green has chimed in on all the drama, and the young stud decided to take to social media to reveal his true feelings about the situation. Green shared a John Wall video on his IG stories with a not-so-cryptic two-word caption:

Green just wrote “free heem” without any other text or emojis. Nevertheless, it’s pretty clear what the 19-year-old rookie is trying to say here.

Green has not had the chance to play with Wall this season, but we’re pretty sure they’ve spent a fair amount of time together as teammates. Green could be providing us with a third-person perspective on Wall’s incessant desire to jump ship. It sounds like Green, and perhaps the rest of his Rockets teammates, are giving Wall their full support as his saga with the Rockets continues.

It feels like a major development is looming here , and it would not be surprising if Wall is finally able to make his exit from Houston in the near future.