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Rockets’ Russell Westbrook approves of Kevin Durant joke in his Oklahoma comedy show

Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant have a famously shaky relationship. The former teammates turned enemies always have something to say to each other when they face off on the court. It seems like Westbrook has never forgiven Durant for leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors in 2016.

So when a comedian in Oklahoma cracked a joke at Durant’s expense on Friday, it wasn’t a surprise to see Westbrook getting a good laugh in with the crowd.

Westbrook isn’t the only one who took Durant’s departure badly. Ever since joining the Dubs, Durant has earned the “snake” moniker for seemingly betraying the team that drafted him and helped him develop into a star. The fact that Durant joined a team that had just beat the Thunder in an epic seven-game Western Conference Finals made for an even worse look.

Now that Russell Westbrook is with the Houston Rockets, we’ll see if the rivalry between the two stars starts to die down. Durant and Westbrook will only get to matchup twice all year, and we can only hope to one day see the pair go head to head in the Finals. If Durant can come back fully healthy next year, it wouldn’t be a shock to see both the Brooklyn Nets and the Rockets emerge as top teams.

What a story it will be if the former teammates meet on the league’s biggest stage.