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Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta on Carmelo Anthony — He ‘is still one of the Top 150 players’ in the NBA


Everyone remembers the Houston Rockets’ short tenure with Carmelo Anthony. The team may have cut him from the team, but the owner gives his former player a high rating.

In an interview with Ian Begley of SNY,  Tilman Fertitta discussed Anthony’s ten-game stay with the Rockets. He believes that the man is still a talented basketball player despite his team doing otherwise.

One hundred percent. Let me tell you: there’s a bunch of teams and I guarantee you if there’s 150 starters for the 30 teams that Carmelo Anthony is still one of the top 150 players in the National Basketball Association.

He also shared that he didn’t have a hand in the move and it was a decision made by the basketball operations team exclusively.

“You know, I heard how my basketball ops people handled it. You hear different stories at different times and how different things are perceived. And it’s disappointing that that’s the way it was. But I just don’t know enough facts about exactly how it went down.”

He’s not wrong to rate Anthony as a top-150 player if you look at his stats alone. He has averaged 24 points, 6.5 rebounds and 3 assists in his 16-year career.

He spent his early days with the Denver Nuggets before a bombastic homecoming to the New York Knicks. He then spent a year in Oklahoma City, where their superteam attempt with Paul George and Russell Westbrook didn’t pan out. The last team he played for were the Rockets, where he was cut after ten games.

There’s still no clear picture as to where Anthony will end up this season. However, his outstanding scoring should entice some teams to give him one more try. At least that’s the Rockets owner would have us believe.