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Rockets writer plans to follow through on vow to get Russell Westbrook tattoo after trade to Houston

Russell Westbrook

Sometimes, some people make outlandish proclamations that are hard to follow through on. This appears to be the case for Houston Rockets writer Taylor Pate, who promised to have a Russell Westbrook-inspired tattoo done if the Rockets traded for the former MVP. Well, with that move now in the books, Pate will need to pay up.

Khadrice Rollins of SI provides a blow-by-blow account of how things went down for Pate. Sadly for him, the internet never forgets:

Right after Houston successfully acquired Westbrook from the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Chris Paul and myriad draft picks, Pate was almost instantly reminded about his earlier commitment:

Pate obviously regretted his over-the-top promise, and appeared to be trying to get around it somehow. The Twitterverse, however, was having none of this, and it seems he plans to get a tattoo under his beard:

This is obviously a classic case of talking the talk without being able to walk the walk. At the moment, Pate appears to still be beating around the bush as he continues his search for a tattoo artist. How hard can that be, though?

Prior to the Westbrook trade, many Rockets fans would have probably been on Pate’s side in terms of balking at the idea of pairing two of the most heavy-usage guys in the sport today in James Harden and Westbrook. However, Houston was able to somehow pull it off, and at this point, it will definitely be interesting to see how things will pan out for the team. Also, whether or not Pate will actually get that tattoo will likewise be intriguing.