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Rockets rumors: Houston explored sign-and-trade scenarios with Iman Shumpert, Nene to get Andre Iguodala

Iman Shumpert, Nene, Rockets, Andre Iguodala

The Houston Rockets have been enamored with the idea of reeling in Memphis Grizzlies forward Andre Iguodala, just as they were two seasons ago during his free agency hoping to pry him away from the Golden State Warriors.

According to Kelly Iko of The Athletic, the Rockets like that Iguodala is a proven winner, and have reportedly explored sign-and-trade options with their free agents Iman Shumpert and Nene, but been unsuccessful in doing so.

Houston has yet to regain that same edge they had in 2018 when they had Trevor Ariza as their three-and-D cog. Iguodala could fill in that role, and even at 35 years old, Houston is expecting him to have some juice left on his legs as long as he has his minutes monitored by the training staff.

To get him though, they will have to present an enticing offer to the Grizzlies, who are hoping for first-round compensation (in addition to the first-rounder they acquired to take on Iguodala’s salary during a trade with the Warriors).

Nene and Shumpert are two aging players that do little to provide Memphis with a young core they can build with. The Rockets don’t have much in terms of assets after dealing for Russell Westbrook, and it’s likely the Grizzlies don’t want the leftovers.

Memphis has been reluctant to buy out Iguodala, knowing there will be several teams lining up to sign him — among them the Los Angeles Lakers, who are keeping one last guaranteed roster spot available in case the Grizzlies give up on this war of attrition.