John Wall hasn't even been a Houston Rocket for an entire season, and yet speculation is already swirling on whether he stays or goes in H-Town.

The former Washington Wizards first overall pick has been the vocal leader on a despondent Rockets franchise clearly in rebuild mode. But now rumors have arisen coming from an Instagram story poll from a Rockets fan where Wall was tagged.

There's obviously the distinct possibility that the post could be bogus. But it's also quite telling that several screenshots have emerged on Twitter of fans interacting with the poll themselves.

Another fan appeared to tag Wall in a poll of his own, but this time the Rockets point guard voted that he was definitely staying in Houston.

It's quite questionable that Wall would really be this active on social media to interact this quickly with fans. But given that Wall has long been sidelined with injury, there's at least some plausibility here.

One fan captured an apparent response Wall had to all the speculation going around, indicating his desire to stay in town.

It remains unclear what Houston's intentions are with Wall going forward. The 5-time All-Star is owed nearly $100 million in the next two seasons.

While he's been out for the season for quite some time due to a knee injury, his potential return could pose a problem for a Rockets team trying to rebuild from scratch. One being, he might actually still be good and hurt their abilities to tank.

But Wall has been a tremendous veteran presence around the team's younger players and keeping a star of his caliber around definitely wouldn't hurt.