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NBA scout says Jimmy Butler with Rockets is ‘not a great fit offensively’

Rockets, Jimmy Butler

An NBA scout says Jimmy Butler playing on the Houston Rockets with James Harden and Chris Paul is “not a great fit offensively,” according to Kelly Iko of The Athletic.

Numerous reports have suggested Butler is interested in signing with the Rockets this summer. For that to happen, the Philadelphia 76ers and Houston would need to agree to a sign-and-trade deal since the Rockets don’t have the cap space to sign Butler.

“Not a great fit offensively. If Houston is willing to get it out of Harden’s hands more and let Jimmy handle or post up, then it could work. They weren’t able to figure it out with CP so I don’t see why they would with Jimmy. Defensively he is what they need though. Still a good fit but not ideal because of how they want to play.”

Does Jimmy Butler really want to just stand around and watch James Harden dribble the life out of the ball? Butler has a huge personality and is never afraid to speak his mind. On paper, it looks good to have Butler, Harden and Paul on one team.

But because the Rockets’ offense is built around Harden, it might not be such a good idea to put Butler next to Harden and Paul and have that many egos in one locker room.

Free agency begins on June 30. The Sixers can offer Butler, a four-time All-Star, the most money in free agency.