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Rockets still a top choice for Carmelo Anthony, making Kyrie Irving to Knicks a long shot

Carmelo Anthony, Kyrie Irving

Despite the three constant destinations surrounding the rumor mill of Carmelo Anthony‘s final destination, it has been made clear through the last few weeks that his top choice is by far the Houston Rockets, even over the Cleveland Cavaliers, according to ESPN’s Ian Begley.

Melo’s days in New York are numbered and the perennial All-Star expects the organization to carry out its intended plan and ship him out West, as they tried to before.

Given his focus on Houston, it makes a potential Kyrie Irving trade to the Knicks that much more of a “long shot” — making it a more of a back-up scenario due to New York’s unwillingness to trade unicorn Kristaps Porzingis.

Anthony could, of course, reconsider amid the frustration between the two sides and open a possibility to land in Cleveland, but as of the past two weeks, the Syracuse standout has been hellbent in joining Chris Paul and James Harden in a Clutch City uniform.

Melo is once again put in a position of power with his no-trade clause — the ultimate trump card to anything the Knicks organization can put together — but time has worked miracles before and if the right situation comes along, it could open the possibility of a different destination.

The Rockets simply don’t have enough assets to make this a straight-up trade and would need to involve a third, and possibly a fourth team to help — feat which is only getting harder to pull off as organizations are strongly trying to prevent the forming of super teams.