NBA Celebrity Game news: Ronnie 2K wears 2K as his jersey number
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Ronnie 2K wears 2K as his jersey number

Ronnie 2K

Ronnie Singh, or more prominently known as Ronnie 2K, participated in the opening salvo of the All-Star weekend, the NBA Celebrity Game.

He wore a unique jersey number too.

Singh, the Marketing Director for 2k Sports, is known for his interactions with NBA 2K players and fans on Twitter. He’s one of the main reasons why the NBA remains relevant even during the offseason. Before an installment of NBA 2K is released, Singh will usually post player ratings in his social media accounts, and it sparks conversations and debates between actual NBA players and fans. In fact, before the 2018-19 season began, roughly 200 NBA players reacted to their player ratings shortly after Singh made them public.

Ronnie was part of the Away team for the Celebrity game. He was teammates with 2018 Celebrity Game MVP Quavo, and Hall of Famer Ray Allen. Unfortunately for them the Home team took the 82-80 victory.

Now, Singh is going to be back to the his usual routine, promoting NBA 2K all over the world.

Aside from being a businessman and a social media influencer, Singh is actually a pretty good gamer. It is one of the reasons why he became part of 2K Sports.

Fans are probably wondering how Ronnie 2k will rate himself after his performance in the Celebrity Game.