Russell Westbrook means a lot to Oklahoma City Thunder fans. He was the star that stayed after Kevin Durant abandoned them for Yellow and Blue pastures of Golden State. He won an MVP in OKC, he’s done a lot for the community, and he continues his efforts to help the Thunder by costing the Rockets a playoff win to force a Game 7.

Locked On Thunder Podcast host Rylan Stiles took that a step further and suggested that Westbrook may have actually been a double agent for the Thunder this entire time.

Rylan Stiles: I've been telling you for a month how much you cannot trust Russell Westbrook in the clutch. I know that we love him. I know we'll have a statue. I know we’ll have his number retired, but tonight was the best playoff game since Game 5 against the Jazz that Russell Westbrook has performed for the Oklahoma City Thunder. This is his best contribution to the Thunder since Game 5 against the Jazz, which went on to be meaningless back in 2018. Thank you Russell Westbrook. Russell Westbrook won you this basketball game.

Westbrook won the Thunder this basketball game while being in a Rockets uniform. Nothing to take away from Chris Paul, who was phenomenal, and we'll get to pretty soon. But Russell, thank you very much…

This is who Russell Westbrook is in the postseason. We've seen it firsthand in Oklahoma City for years. For years. This is it. And Russell Westbrook being on Houston is going to help this team possibly get out of the first round for the first time since Kevin Durant left.

Thank you Russell Westbrook for winning Oklahoma City this basketball game. Yet again, another win in Thunder history that can be chalked up directly to Russell Westbrook.

Nothing to take away from Chris Paul's game. There was a lot of good Thunder performances today. But Russell Westbrook gets another W in the ledger as an Oklahoma City Thunder, and if it wasn't for that Game 5 comeback against Utah, down 25 points in the Chesapeake Energy Arena, this would be his best game in a Thunder uniform since Kevin Durant left.

Westbrook played just 27 minutes in Game 6, scoring 17 points and turning the ball over a game-high seven times. He also already indicated that he will be on a minutes restriction in Game 7 as he continues to return from a shoulder injury.