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Russell Westbrook came within 1 point, rebound, or assist shy of triple-double 4 times this year

The craziest thing about Russell Westbrook‘s season isn’t only about the amount of triple-doubles he’s managed to collect or the fact that he’s still averaging such, 39 games into the season — but how many he could possibly have if he put his mind into getting as many as he could.

According to ESPN Stats and Information, the Oklahoma City Thunder star has come within one point, rebound, or assist shy from a triple-double a total of four different times this season.

Monday night against the Chicago Bulls, Westbrook fell one assist shy of his 18th triple-double as he tallied 21 points, nine rebounds, and 14 assists in the 109-94 beatdown of the Windy City.

The 6-foot-3 all-around point guard could have had his first triple-double during the season-opener against the Philadelphia 76ers, but was one assist away. He also was one assist short against the L.A. Clippers and Sacramento Kings back in November.

To think that he could’ve had 21 triple-doubles not even halfway through the season is merely mind-blowing.

Monday’s game has been the only time the Long Beach native has needed just one more rebound to complete his triple-double stat line this 2016-17 campaign.

Russell Westbrook is still averaging a mind-blowing 31.4 points, 10.6 rebounds, and 10.3 assists in this whirlwind of an NBA season — his stat-stuffing performances have their fingerprints all over the team’s wins and can make him a very strong MVP candidate if OKC can reach a top-four seed in the West come playoff time.

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