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Saints QB Drew Brees ‘never will’ forget ending of 2018 NFC Championship Game

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees says that he will never forget how the 2018 NFC Championship Game ended. With the Saints and the Los Angeles Rams facing off on Sunday, there is a lot of talk about how last years NFC Championship Game ended.

Brees was asked about it on Wednesday and said that although he will never forget, he has had to find a way to move on in a positive way because there is nothing that can be changed about it now.

“Still haven’t, never will,” Brees told reporters via Pro Football Talk. “But when you say ‘forgotten about,’ you have to find a way to compartmentalize it to the point where you can move on in a positive way. I found a way to do that, but as far as just the events, you live and learn and sometimes things don’t go your way and you’ve got to find a way to come out better on the other side.”

The Saints looked to be well on the way to a win until a missed pass interference call changed the course of the game. Instead of the Saints winning, it was the Rams who advanced to the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.

Brees said last month he thinks the best way to move on from it is to go out this season and win the Super Bowl.

“Go win it all,” he said with a laugh. “That’s the only way you get over something like that. That’ll always sting. More so just because you know that that team will never exist anymore. You lose a guy like Mark Ingram, Max Unger retires, you lose a few others. That team, even though you have a lot of the same guys on this year’s team, will no longer exist. You wanted it so bad for that team. We felt we had worked so hard to get to that point. We had earned that right. But it didn’t happen.”

The Saints got off to a good start to the season against the Houston Texans and will try to continue that march towards the Super Bowl with a victory on Sunday afternoon.