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Drew Brees speaks out on why he has ‘nothing to lose’ this season

Drew Brees Saints

Drew Brees is returning for his 20th season in the NFL and expectations are high for the New Orleans Saints in 2020. Despite the expectations placed on New Orleans, Brees spoke out on why he has ‘nothing to lose’ this season.

“Hey, at this time, man, I’m on borrowed time,” Brees said, via ESPN. “I’ve got nothing to lose. So, I’m turning it loose and letting the chips fall where they may.”

Following the conclusion of the 2019 season, Brees mulled retirement after another heartbreaking playoff loss with the Saints. He would proceed to sign a two-year deal with New Orleans, but there’s a chance this is his final year playing in the NFL. The future Hall of Famer has already inked a television deal with NBC Sports once he retires.

With that in mind, Brees isn’t going to play timidly as he understands that this could be his final time under center. In the past three seasons, New Orleans has been sent home in the postseason in heartbreaking fashion. Despite the unforgettable ways they’ve lost those games, Brees believes those outcomes have strengthened the team for 2020.

“I know that everything happens for a reason, and in most cases, failure is your best teacher,” Brees said. “That’s the approach I’ve always taken, and that’s the approach this team has taken. And I feel like we’ve found a way to garner strength from each one of these moments over these last few years. And it’s only made us better.”

Drew Brees is known for his efficiency on the field, with him rarely making mistakes on the field. But with him nearing the end of his career, we may see a more aggressive version of Brees throughout the 2020 campaign.