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Eminem rips Saints’ Drew Brees in new song

Eminem, Saints, Drew Brees

It’s been over a month since Drew Brees made some controversial comments when it came to kneeling during the national anthem. Despite the New Orleans Saints quarterback educating himself and apologizing, that didn’t prevent Eminem from calling out Brees in his latest song.

Eminem’s new song with Kid Cudi is titled “The Adventures of Moon Man and Slim Shady” and he addresses multiple issues throughout the entirety of the song. It’s safe to say that at the 1:50 minute mark, Eminem didn’t hold back on his criticism of Brees.

“I had hoop dreams, now I shoot threes. Got a lil’ green, but I don’t do weed. Purp nor lean, that’s Tunechi. That’s New Orleans, F*** Drew Brees.”

Brees found himself being the center of attention when he reiterated that he would ‘never agree with anyone disrespecting the (American) flag’. The veteran signal-caller shared that he felt that way due to the flag reminding him of his grandfather who was in the military.

Of course, the timing of his comments was unfortunate with him uttering his stance at the same time that George Floyd died in police custody. After seeing the pain he caused, Brees apologized for his remarks and took action to educate himself on African American history.

To take it a step even further, Brees would proceed to single out President Donald Trump to inform him that players aren’t disrespecting the flag when kneeling during the anthem. Trump has been vocal about his disdain for players kneeling during the anthem.

Contrary to others, Brees appears to be listening and educating himself to change for the better. Nevertheless, Eminem still didn’t waste a chance to take a jab at the future Hall of Famer in his latest song.