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Saints’ Sean Payton keeps things in perspective on coronavirus situation

Sean Payton, Saints

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton is self-isolating while recovering from COVID-19, but he doesn’t want people to be concerned about him. Instead, he wants the focus to go on the health care workers on the front line.

In an interview with Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America, Payton also said that even though young kids feel invincible during this time, they need to be thinking about all the people they could be affecting with some of the decisions they are making.

Here’s what Payton had to say:

“Look, I feel well. I’ll get better, and we’ll go on, and we’ll have the draft in some way, shape or form,” the Saints coach said. “That’s not what’s important right now. What’s important is our health-care workers, our doctors and nurses, on the front lines of this thing. We’ve got to take care of them.

“For now, this is our life, and we’ve got to be prepared for it. Some basic stuff in all of our lives is going to be threatened. We’ve all got to exercise a little more social responsibility. We all felt invincible at some point”

Payton was the first person in NFL circles that tested positive for the coronavirus, and he had a lot of contact with different people in the weeks leading up to the positive test. The Saints coach also attended the NFL scouting combine in February and was at a horse race in Arkansas a couple of days before testing for the virus.

There has already been some disruption to the NFL offseason and there could be more before this all passes over and life returns to normal across the world.