Seahawks news: Russell Wilson doesn't want Jadeveon Clowney to leave
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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson doesn’t want Jadeveon Clowney leaving to chase him around

The Seattle Seahawks fell short against the Green Bay Packers during the divisional round, but they already have to worry about the coming offseason. Jadeveon Clowney is going to be a free agent. Russell Wilson hopes that the team wouldn’t lose him to another contender.

The quarterback was asked about the prospect of losing Clowney in free agency. He answered his thoughts on the matter, but he gave a fun twist to his answer that a lot of Seahawks fans will hilariously agree to.

Per Pro Football Talk’s Josh Alper:

“Yes. Definitely don’t want him chasing me. Yeah. I had to deal with that when he played for the Houston Texans and he came to Seattle. He was all over the field,” Wilson said. “But he’s been a great addition to our team . . . just what he’s brought to our locker room. What he’s brought to the field. Really, the reality is you got to take two or three guys sometimes to go block him, you know?”

It makes sense that Wison doesn’t want Clowney going to a team not named the Seahawks.

While Clowney’s numbers dipped a bit, he is still a productive defender who can contribute in Pete Carroll’s defensive scheme. In his first year with the Seahawks, he notched 31 tackles, 3.0 sacks, two fumble recoveries (one of which resulted in a touchdown), four forced fumbles, three pass-deflections, and a pick-6. He earned $8 million in the final year of his contract, and it’s almost certain that the Seahawks will have to spend more than a pretty penny to keep him around.

However, Wilson likes him enough that he believes he’s worth the contract extension. And if we take the words of the franchise QB into consideration, then this deal is all but done.