Dwight Howard had quite the appearance on Inside the NBA last night. D-12 took responsibility for becoming disinterested in some games with the Rockets, he cited Charles Barkley and Magic Johnson for inspiring him to succeed, and he had a very tense, yet cordial back-and-forth with Barkley later on.

One can only imagine what would've gone done if Shaquille O'Neal was in attendance. The centers have clashed ever since Howard came into the league, and their relationship has remained in the news thanks to Shaq's job with TNT and the age of social media that we live in.

In an effort to lighten the mood of Howard's intense appearance on Inside the NBA, O'Neal tweeted out this trolling joke:

I'm sure Shaq was glad that he was able to take a shot at Barkley in the process as well.

Perhaps feeling that he had been a bit harsh, O'Neal proceeded to tweet out another picture of Dwight photoshopped onto a Superman outfit. This is noteworthy because of Shaquille's refusal to call Howard by his Superman nickname, which originally belonged to O'Neal himself.

Not exactly the most flattering picture of Superman, though.

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