Team USA could make a push to craft a team that will rival the 1992 Dream Team. LeBron James has already signified his interest in joining the 2024 Paris Olympics squad, which means that other superstars are likely to follow suit. One person in particular has an uncertain future when it comes to international basketball and he goes by the name of Joel Embiid. The Philadelphia 76ers star can either gun to join the USA, Cameroon, or France. Jean-Pierre Siuitat, the French Basketball Federation president, knows that the Sixers star will decide on the tenth of October, via The Stephen Time show and Eurohoops.

“It will happen very quickly in all cases. We hope so and I think he knows it. We may have an answer by October and have set this deadline,” Jean-Pierre Siutat disclosed.

Although, the French Basketball Federation president outlined that there is still uncertainty regarding the Sixers star's 2024 Paris Olympics decision, “We made no communication about the fact that he was with us. Today, he is still not with us. We are working on it, we have a firm desire to do it. He knows it.”

Joel Embiid has communicated with France but Team USA still stands as a strong contender. The Sixers star will have two weeks at most to decide which team he will represent. If he does choose Cameroon, he will have to go through the pre-Olympics qualifying tournaments to have a shot at competing in Paris. Will the Sixers MVP choose to join Lebron James or will he carve his own path?