Very few people have ever dominated a professional basketball game the way Joel Embiid just did for the Philadelphia 76ers. In the Sixers' 105-98 win over the Utah Jazz, Embiid put together one of the greatest performances we will ever see. Highlighted by a career-high 59 points, he was as unstoppable as a basketball player can be.

Quantifying just how absurd of a performance Embiid just had can go any number of ways. He stuffed the stat sheet and then some, electrifying the Wells Fargo Center and leading the Sixers to a much-needed win. Let's go through some of the craziest stats from Joel Embiid's masterclass.

5. A new Joel Embiid career-high

Embiid blew way past his previous career-high of 50 points, which he has done multiple times, with 59 points on 19-28 shooting from the field, 1-5 shooting from deep and 20-24 shooting from the free-throw line. He just missed a 60-burger, which only Allen Iverson and Wilt Chamberlain have ever notched in Sixers history.

While Embiid scored 59 points, the Jazz's four highest-scoring players combined for 62. Malik Beasley (18), Lauri Markkanen (15), Collin Sexton (15) and Kelly Olynyk (14) barely edged out the one guy on the other side.

Embiid's seven blocks tied a career-high that he set in 2017. He also had 11 rebounds, eight assists, five turnovers and a steal.

4. 4th quarter dominance

Joel Embiid scored 26 points and blocked five shots in just the fourth quarter. Over the course of the entire game, those stats would signify a solid performance for the Sixers' big fella. Against the Jazz, he did that in 11 minutes.

Saying Embiid carried the Sixers in the final frame is no exaggeration. He scored all but one of their 27 points in the fourth quarter and outscored all of Utah, which had 20.

Danuel House Jr.'s free throw was the lone non-Embiid point the Sixers got in crunch time against the hottest team in the league.

3. Playmaking maestro

It seemed like passing would not be one of the areas where Embiid shined after committing five turnovers in the first half. However, he got his passing together and committed no turnovers the rest of the way. That was his favorite part of his otherworldly performance.

Embiid chewed through double-teams from the Jazz with ease. His teammates knew to spread the floor and received dimes when they became open. The threat of his unstoppable scoring earned easy shots for his teammates and the big man served 'em up constantly when he wasn't drawing a foul, making a pull-up midrange shot without breaking a sweat or bullying his way to the hoop.

2. On the second night of a back-to-back

Joel Embiid wasn't even certain to play against the Jazz after playing the previous night against the Atlanta Hawks. He said that it was the plan but was banged up and resting him seemed like a wise choice. However, letting him cook was actually the right decision. On consecutive nights, Embiid dominated the game in incomprehensible fashion.

This game would have been historic and remarkable no matter what. But for it to come the next day after a 42-point, 10-rebound, six-assists performance…that's just insane.

1. Never been done before

The simple fact of Joel Embiid's unbelievable night is that it has never been seen before in NBA history (at least since blocks became an official stat). The Sixers' superstar's inauspicious start to the season is history — and now, so is his performance on Nov. 13, 2022. James Harden said it best after the game: Embiid and his performance are one of one.