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Sixers’ Al Horford reacts to Marcus Smart’s recent comments about his play

Al Horford, Marcus Smart, Sixers

Former Boston Celtics big man Al Horford is now officially a member of the Philadelphia 76ers. Leaving Boston in favor of Philadelphia as a free agent this past offseason, Horford will notably be competing directly against his former team as both the Celtics and Sixers are expected to find themselves toward the top of the Eastern Conference when all is said and done in 2019-20.

However, apparently not everyone is thrilled with Horford as his former Celtics teammate in veteran guard Marcus Smart recently made some unfavorable remarks about the Philadelphia newcomer.

“It’s different, for sure. It’s definitely different,” Smart previously said, via ESPN. “But we have enough guys that can shoot the three that get on the court. We just need our bigs to be able to do what they do. That’s always been our problem. I love Al, but we sometimes need a threat at the rim with the big. In ways, it is different, but it also good in a certain way.”

Now, Horford has responded to such comments while making a point to note that he and Smart go way back and that he has absolutely no issue with the Celtics playmaker speaking his mind.

“That’s Marcus’ opinion,” Horford recently said, via The Philadelphia Inquirer. “Him and I go way back. I got nothing but love for Marcus. It’s his opinion. It’s fair. Everybody is entitled to say what [they want.]”

With the NBA regular season now on the immediate horizon, the back-and-forth between the Sixers and Celtics will surely be something to keep an eye on.