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Sixers legend Allen Iverson makes shocking claim about his own strain of marijuana

Allen Iverson, marijuana, Sixers

Philadelphia 76ers icon Allen Iverson is at Los Angeles for the launching of his own strain of marijuana called “Iverson 96.”

Throughout his entire NBA career, former Sixers superstar Allen Iverson has been labeled as a thug and rebel. A huge part of it was infused by his prolonged cannabis smoking.

Now, Iverson wants to diminish the connotation of “weed” by teaming-up with fellow former NBA star Al Harrington in the launching of “Iverson 96,” the Sixers legend’s own marijuana strain made of mixed “grape stomper and kush mints.”

“[Weed] always had a negative stigma with it,” Iverson exclusively told GQ. “Until all these years later you find out you’ve had it all wrong.”

“I remember getting arrested for having a blunt and being all on ESPN,” he continued. “I was taunted when I was playing. [I was] Called ‘Weed Head’ from people in the crowd. ‘Where’s the marijuana? Who’s got the blunt, AI?’ I had to go through that throughout my career, particularly when I was younger. And look how far it’s come now? That stigma. Them criticizing it as they were, it’s like, ‘y’all had it all wrong’.”

Harrington, meanwhile, is well aware that bringing Iverson in will be vital not only in the success of the business but also of their advocacy, which intends to help rebuild the America’s Black communities.

“I don’t really know who else I would’ve went to but [Iverson],” Harrington admitted. “Bringing someone like [Iverson] along, it amplifies the message. We sitting here and doing this not only for us, but we doing this for our people. We doing this for the culture…we want to have an impact in our community.”