Ben Simmons has been the center of controversy for the past several months. Now the Philadelphia 76ers star's influence might be stretching beyond the confines of the NBA.

Philadelphia-based reporter Howard Eskin revealed that Ben Simmons may become the subject of a violation against NCAA Division I basketball team St. Joseph's.

Ben Simmons has reportedly been scrimmaging and working out with the St. Joseph's team while away from the Sixers. Apparently, that may be against the rules. 

While it's unclear what the exact rule is that's being broken, the circumstances of the situation provide some possible context.

Ben Simmons is a professional NBA athlete that is in a way providing world-class training for a college team that doesn't have him on its payroll. The NCAA has long been strict about roles in teams' staff, whether administrative or basketball-related. Whether anything actually materializes or truly falls within the regulations set by the NCAA remains to be seen, as well.

The Sixers situation isn't any much clearer, either. Discussions to have Ben Simmons seek mental health support under the supervision of the team has seemingly made things worse.

Now with the possibility of another issue with the NCAA, the concerns keep piling up for both Ben Simmons and the Sixers.