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Sixers’ Brett Brown reacts to Glenn Robinson III’s rant about his role


The Philadelphia 76ers acquired swingman Glenn Robinson III to add more shooting and perimeter defense to the roster, but Robinson has said he is unsure what his role is on this Sixers team.

Robinson was a rotation fixture for a depleted Golden State Warriors team, but he seemed to indicate there was a lack of clarity when he arrived in Philly.

Sixers head coach Brett Brown refuted that notion prior to Thursday’s game against the New York Knicks, saying his players received a “road map” after the All-Star break while also suggesting Robinson’s frustrations might stem from being in a contract year (via Kyle Neubeck of PhillyVoice):

“That is not true. With all of our players, you sit down and go through, after All-Star break, every single one of them got a road map, this is your role, this is what we expect, one. Two, I get when you have a career year on a poor team, and it’s a contract year, I understand it, I coached those years myself. In the middle of all of it, he’s good people, he’s a good person, and he’s trying to figure out what his next step is while coexisting in a team framework.

I’ve coached him before. I think he has an important role to play here, we hope to see more of it. But as I said to him, and I’ll say it again, this is a show-me league, and here it is, this is what we expect and hope to see. From time to time, we have seen that, I think he is a league keeper.”

Robinson’s role was always going to be diminished in Philadelphia. The Sixers have a lot of depth at the wing spot, and Robinson also has to fight with the likes of Mike Scott for playing time.

Still, the aggravation is understandable. Robinson started in all 48 of his appearances with the Warriors and averaged nearly 32 minutes per game, but his playing time has been cut in half through his first six games with the Sixers.