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Sixers vet Danny Green theorizes Nets are using Spurs-like strategy

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The Brooklyn Nets possess one of the most potent lineups in the league today. But the thing is, the team hasn’t had the opportunity to field all their players at once due to a host of reasons. Philadelphia 76ers veteran Danny Green believes that this is unfortunate, though he also has this theory that the organization might be utilizing a strategy that the San Antonio Spurs used.

Yes, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden are now donning the Nets jersey, but not all teams and fans have seen them on the floor as often as they should. Injuries and personal problems have forced one or two of the Big 3 to miss several games.

“It might be a strategic thing for them,” Green said of the Nets sitting out players, per Keith Pompey of  The Philadelphia Inquirer. “I know in San Antonio some games we didn’t play everybody so that teams don’t know how to guard us, how to play us.

“I just think for them, it’s unfortunate that they had some injuries and some guys with some family issues. So that [stinks]. But they are a tough matchup … if they have everybody or nobody. They have guys that can play. But like I said, for the future … we don’t know how, if we meet them in the playoffs, how we match up.”

While it’s just a theory, it’s an interesting and revealing comment from Danny Green. Now we know why Gregg Popovich and the Spurs have achieved a great amount of success over the years.

As for the Nets, it’s undoubtedly concerning that their Big 3 hasn’t played a lot of games together. After all, come playoffs time, having solid chemistry and knowledge about each other’s game could spell the difference from a first-round exit to a championship contention.