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Sixers star Joel Embiid’s brutally honest rant on Ben Simmons’ suspension

Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, Sixers

Ben Simmons was suspended by the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday for the first game of the season after displaying “detrimental conduct” in practice. Sixers head coach Doc Rivers ultimately booted the Aussie because he refused to participate in drills. Of course, franchise superstar Joel Embiid was asked about the situation and gave his brutally honest take on the whole saga.

Via Kyle Neubeck of The Philly Voice:

“At this point, I don’t care about that man,” Embiid said Tuesday. “He does whatever he wants. That’s not my job, that’s [the front office’s] job. I’m only focused on trying to make the Sixers better, win some games, play hard every night, try to lead the guys we have here, and I’m sure they feel the same way. Our chemistry has been happening the last few months. So like I said, I don’t really care.”

Embiid went on to slam the Sixers guard for acting childish:

“At the end of the day, our job is not to babysit somebody,” Embiid said. “We get paid for on the court, go out and play hard, win some games, that’s what we get paid for. We don’t get paid to come out here and try to babysit somebody. That’s not our job, and I’m sure my teammates feel that way.”

Here’s video of Embiid:

Simmons is clearly not happy in Philly, but he’s basically there to raise his stock so a trade can become a reality after his collapse in the 2021 NBA Playoffs. Embiid also said that he hasn’t even spoken to his Sixers teammate since he returned to the team. That definitely can’t be good for their chemistry on the floor if Simmons does in fact suit up again.

This situation just keeps getting worse. But as far as Embiid is concerned, he’s strictly focused on guiding the Sixers to the promised land.