What the season holds for the Philadelphia 76ers still remains uncertain. After getting trounced short of the Eastern Conference Finals again, Joel Embiid and co. need to take it up a notch in order to surpass their past performances. But for now just weeks into the offseason, the boys are out to have fun.

Embiid, James Harden, and newest Sixers addition PJ Tucker were spotted having the time of their lives at a Meek Mill concert. Check out the trio dancing around on stage with the Philly-based rapper:

Meek Mill has long been a supporter of the Sixers – and not just as a fan on the sidelines. He's been vocal about advocating for players to suit up for the team, including James Harden during his rocky time with the Brooklyn Nets before he got traded.

Perhaps this is the team's way of welcoming PJ Tucker with a good time before they inevitably start getting to work on the basketball side a couple of months down the road.

The Sixers definitely need a guy like PJ Tucker to match up defensively against the toughest wing assignments in the conference. They sure could have used him when they took on Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat during the East Semis last playoffs.

Considering how much of the dirty work PJ Tucker is going to have to do next season for the Sixers, his stars in Embiid and Harden sure need to make sure he's relaxed a ready when he's off the court.