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Zhaire Smith makes sure to grab a cheesestake upon arrival in Philly

Zharie Smith

The city of Philadelphia is known for many things, and among them is their cheesesteaks. Meanwhile, Zhaire Smith is going to have high expectations after being drafted in the first round and traded to the Philadelphia 76ers, so he wanted to get his time in the city of brotherly love off to a popular start — by eating a cheesesteak.

Jim’s South Street which is known for its cheesesteak posted a picture of Smith with a delicious looking meal.

The Sixers originally selected Mikal Bridges who played for Villanova and was initially expected to become a fan favorite. The Sixers traded Bridges for Smith and a future first-round pick, and now the latter needs to try and win over the fans. Starting off his career with the Sixers doesn’t bother Smith, and he is just going to use it for motivation.

“That makes me want to work harder,” said Smith, who jumped center during his lone season at Texas Tech via the Philly Inquirer. “Just doing me, really. I really try not to pay attention. It really wasn’t my decision, but I’m excited to be here.”

According to reports, Brett Brown always coveted Smith but knew taking him with the tenth pick would be a stretch, so he waited to see who took him, and then worked out a trade.

Smith is going to be another good young piece to add to the Sixers, and he should fit in well with the team. The big question now is can he become the fan favorite that Bridges would have been.