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RUMORS: Sixers’ Ben Simmons’ cryptic post amid wild NBA free agency

Ben Simmons, Sixers

It’s been a wild day of moves around the NBA and Philadelphia 76ers superstar Ben Simmons had to chime in amid rumors of him being dealt continue to surge. Simmons’ name is one of the bigger ones that have been floating around this offseason but, as of right now, it seems that the three-time All-Star’s future remains to be unclear.

On Monday, amid the wild first day of free agency and his name still not being called, Simmons simply went back to work and did what he does best. Simmons posted a series of photos on Instagram of him in the gym doing some offseason work but, interestingly enough, his post had a few cryptic details that will have Sixers fans anxious.

In the first photo, the Sixers star is seen riding his vehicle which in normal circumstances shouldn’t really mean anything. But, his emoji of choice makes the entire post way juicier as the 25-year-old opted for a simple hourglass emoji as his caption. Is he suggesting that it’s only a matter of time before he leaves?


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But, maybe he’s just saying that it’s time to get the offseason training started. Maybe he’s just a fan of that specific emoji, too. Who knows, really? What’s sure right now is that the waiting game continues for Ben Simmons as the entire world awaits where he will be playing this coming season.

Other big names have already made their moves – Kyle Lowry is headed to the Miami Heat while Russell Westbrook is coming back home to LA to join the Los Angeles Lakers. Simmons though, as it appears, hasn’t really found his next destination – whether it’s in Philadelphia or elsewhere.