Angel Reese was one of the most talked-about athletes on Sunday. It wasn't surprising, considering how the rookie forward put up 25 points and 16 rebounds to star in the Chicago Sky's triumph over the Indiana Fever. Following the game, social media contained happy posts from Chi-Town fans, lamentations from Fever fans, and interestingly, an argument between Dez Bryant and Stephen A. Smith.

It all started when the former NFL receiver decided to call out Smith and Shannon Sharpe on the supposed lack of praise that Reese gets.

I don’t see much praise on the historic rookie run Angel Reese is having in her Rookie year,” Bryant wrote on X. “@stephenasmith @ShannonSharpe where y’all at? She deserves the high praise right now!”

Bryant's comment may come across as baffling to some, considering how Reese is deemed a Rookie of the Year frontrunner. The Sky forward — along with Indiana Fever guard Catilin Clark — are currently the two top candidates for the award. In fact, many analysts and social media users have also given Reese credit for not just Sunday's showing, but her past performances with Chicago as well.

Nevertheless, it looks like Bryant sees the lack of said credit from Smith and his ESPN co-host.

Stephen A. Smith responds to Dez Bryant

It wasn't long before Smith caught wind of the comments, responding with a long post to counter the claim.

“Man, for once, will you stop your B.S.,” Smith retorted. “@ShannonSharpe has praised her continuously. So have I, even profiling her excellence on numerous occasions. It’s on our social media pages @stephenasmith. We’ve talked about her on @FirstTake. If you want notoriety, just say so, bro! You need attention? Just ask to come on the damn show. But stop lying!”

Bryant then fired back, telling the First Take host to do away with the notoriety narrative.

“Say pimp, don’t ever in your life play with me talking about notoriety,” Bryant said. “I don’t give a f*** about none of that. Don’t get mad at me because I’m calling a spade a spade. Y’all pick and chose, end of story.”

As of now, Smith hasn't remarked on Bryant's latest tweet. And it looks like Shannon Sharpe has no plans of joining in, judging by how he has yet to address his fellow football player's initial statement.

If there's one thing to deduce from all of this, it's that Angel Reese played so well, people are arguing about her. Knowing how she's less than a season into her pro career, it's expected that she'll cause a lot more online exchanges in the coming years — due to her performance on the court, of course.