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Somebody just paid $600 for a sealed copy of Skyrim

Skyrim Bethesda Auction

There is no doubt that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most legendary games out there. But for someone to spend $600 on a sealed copy of the game is just way too much. For normal people at least.

The game was bought at a recent online auction along with the outrageously expensive Super Mario 64, which also sold on the same day for $1.5 million. Although $600 is pretty far from one and a half million, there’s still not enough reason in the world for anyone with the right mind to buy a game that expensive. Not to mention that Skyrim is literally available on almost every platform out there.

What makes this version of the Skyrim special, according to Heritage Auctions, is that it received a 9.2 rating from video game grading service Wata. Basically, the copy is in near-mint-perfect condition, though that’s not that hard to believe considering the game isn’t even a decade old yet.

So if you want to buy this copy of Skyrim for yourself, you can make a $900 offer to the new owner. But Heritage Auctions warns that they aren’t currently looking to sell and don’t respond to most offers. On the other hand, you can also find the game literally everywhere else if you just put in the tiniest effort.

It seems like the world still can’t get enough of Skyrim. But honestly, who can blame them? The Bethesda game is truly astonishing and still offers so much to its loyal fanbase. Just a few days ago, a Reddit player discovered a neat new way to find out who you should kill in the second mission for the Dark Brotherhood questline.