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Sona gets a Facelift in New Visual Effects Update

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Sona, the Maven of the Strings, is one of League of Legends’ more “senior” champions. Released in September 2010, Sona already received a visual effects update prior to this upcoming one. But to keep her visual effects more in line with League‘s current art style, she is once again getting an upgrade in the visuals department.

Aside from her Classic skin, many of Sona’s other skins are receiving the update. Namely: Pentakill, Silent Night, DJ Sona (all forms), Arcade, Sweetheart, Odyssey, Guqin, Muse, and Pentakill III. Only PsyOps Sona will not receive the update. Most of these changes are minor, but improve game clarity. The effect her Passive – Power Chord gives is now more prominent. To better tell players that they’re being affected by Sona’s abilities, things like the brightness of the effects and contrast of the colors were tweaked. A more modern distortion also replaces a lot of her outdated “wave” effects. Her Ultimate – Crescendo now also looks more modern. The changes are not too drastic, and players will surely thank Riot for this change.

Expect this Sona Visual Effects update to roll out in the next few weeks. Looking for more drastic reworks? Check out the Udyr rework.