Lexie Brown of the Los Angeles Sparks is not happy about her appearance in NBA 2K24 to say the least. The 28-year-old recently shared a video detailing her thoughts on the way she looks in the game, and even called out NBA 2K24, video via NBA Retweet on X (formerly Twitter).

“If you are going to include us, include us,” Brown said. “We (WNBA players) are featured in NBA 2K. We've been in 2K the last two or three 2Ks. And everything has been fine. We've got face scans… For whatever reason this year, they said f**k the WNBA. Look at my player…”

Lexie Brown then proceeded to show an image of herself in the game.

“Just leave us out the game if you don't even want to try,” Brown continued. “Y'all could at least look at me.”

Brown dealt with an illness during the 2023 season, and she was ultimately ruled out in late August. She had previously re-signed with the Sparks on a two-year contract. Overall, Brown appeared in 12 games during the WNBA regular season, averaging a career-high 12.4 points per contest. She added a 48.6 percent field goal and 41.5 percent three-point shooting percentage as well.

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Massimo Marchiano ·

The Sparks endured a difficult season, going 17-23. Lexie Brown displayed improvement but Los Angeles will need to make some changes during the offseason to bounce back.

It will be interesting to see if Brown receives a response from NBA 2K24. Ronnie 2K has often responded to players complaints, so he may address Lexie Brown's concern.